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Super Me - Chapter 1 (Audiobook)

Super Me is the story of Lindsey Palmer, a hot, arrogant and whimsical college girl who accidentally gains superpowers after an alien artifact confuses her with the intended recipient, an honorable daughter of her planet that was sent to Earth as a baby. 

So, how will a girl of Lindsey's spoilt character react once she finds out she is super strong, super fast, invulnerable and that she can fly? Well, thankfully she has decided to tell us herself in an audiobook.

This is Chapter 1, which is 37 minutes long and where Lindsey explains the series of events that lead her to become super-powerful and the first tests of her new condition, including an encounter with a man that he is more unlucky than he thinks when his truck crashes into her bombshell body.

This audiobook is provided in two MP3 files, one with the plain narration and another one where FX have been added. It also includes a PDF with the text version of the story.

(check the different previews for a 4 minutes sample)

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Super Me - Chapter 1 (Audiobook)

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