Super Me - Chapter 6 (Audiobook)

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Super Me is the story of Lindsey Palmer, a hot, arrogant and whimsical college girl who accidentally gains superpowers after an alien artifact confuses her with the intended recipient, an honorable daughter of her planet that was sent to Earth as a baby. 

So, how will a girl of Lindsey's spoilt character react once she finds out she is super strong, super fast, invulnerable and that she can fly? Well, thankfully she has decided to tell us herself in an audiobook.

This is Chapter 6, which is 34 minutes long and where Lindsey decides that becoming the city's superheroine is the shortest path to achieve the type of attention and material stuff she craves for. She has a problem, though: she does not know where to start. Thankfully, some dangerous-looking criminals decide to hijack an armored van, giving her the perfect opportunity to get into the role. Things are never as easy as they seem though, and Lindsey will discover to her frustration that while stopping four armed men is as simple as she thought, the type of behavior that is required for a superheroine takes much more self-restraint than she is used to.

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Super Me is masterfully narrated by Shiena. This product includes the standard audio version of the story and a version with added FX. It also includes a PDF with the text version of the story.

We are using a new feature of Gumroad that allows paying as much as the customer wants, starting from a minimum price. Our costs (e.g. the voice actress) have been considerably increasing, but we did not want to change the previous minimum price of $7.49, since we want as many people as possible to listen to it. But if you'd like to contribute more to Super Me's future, you have the chance to do so with this option. 

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A 34 minutes audio file with the audiobook narrated by Shiena (it comes in 2 versions, one with added FX and one without)

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Super Me - Chapter 6 (Audiobook)

5 ratings